With over 20 years experience in implementing our project, portfolio and resource management solutions, we have developed a proven process for maximising the benefits and return from your investment in Asta Powerproject. Typically there are six key stages to our implementation process for multi-user systems.

Peter Aspinall, Lancashire NHS Trust talks about implementation support from Asta

With each system tailored to individual customer specifications, our implementation process is practical and focuses on meeting the needs of different user types, such as team members, team leaders and senior managers.

Our team of experienced and highly qualified professionals are committed to ensuring a successful implementation and high level of on-going support is provided. We recommend most organisations follow the full implementation process that uses logical and practical steps to ensure your implementation goes as smoothly as possible but for more straightforward implementations with smaller numbers of users, some stages of the process may not be needed.

We use our in-house experts and technicians to provide all your consultation, implementation and training, all co-ordinated through one single point of contact.
We will discuss your requirements in detail and help you through each stage of the process.

Asta Powerproject Implementation Model

“Asta Powerproject is an excellent software system and the regular improvements and updates continue to keep it relevant for the industry. The Asta team offers a great support service via the helpdesk, training courses and user groups and the familiarity of it all makes it a great package”Alan Davidson, Graham, Senior Planner

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