Pera Technology – De-risking the NPD process with Asta Powerproject

If a company is not absolutely certain that its ideas will work in the marketplace, new product development (NPD) can become high risk. Pera Technology brings the knowledge to explore opportunities, the commercial relationships to take the product to market, has access to relevant technology expertise to effectively create the new products and has many years of experience that allow it to foresee and dodge the pitfalls. New product development is a rigorous and intensive process: Pera Technology needed a trusted resource to help it align all of its processes and communications in one place – it chose Asta Powerproject from Asta Development.

“We chose Asta Powerproject because not only did it compare well on price and benefits, it was more robust and had stronger support”
Dr Mark Holden, Resource Manager, Pera Technology

Dr Mark Holden, Resource Manager, Pera Technology, explained: “R&D projects are high risk and things change throughout the process. We need to be able to plan the entire process realistically, identify the skills, resources and experience and hence calculate the cost of research. Before we used Asta Powerproject we had only our account system and spreadsheets. Information was not always up to date, and not easily shared as people had their own versions. The task was made harder because we operate out of several geographic locations. The driver was to find one system to be an accurate information and communication tool for all.”

Pera Technology looked at a number of systems: “We chose Asta Powerproject,” said Mark, “because, not only did it compare well on price and benefits, it was more robust and had stronger support. Our interaction with the sales team was encouraging, it is UK-based and we felt they understood their software so well it gave us more confidence – we believed
Asta’s sales support would be better – and two years down the line it has proved to be so.

Pera Technology’s focus on training proved the right strategy

Asta carried out training on site with all of the staff, 35 UK users and those working from Estonia and Spain. Pera Technology was in the process of reorganising and had a cultural shift to make, since most people liked working with their spreadsheets. “It was cost-effective to carry out the training in-house, in fact half the price of our investment with Asta was for the training service to implement Asta Powerproject,” Mark explained. “Asta gave us good guidance on how long it would take to implement a cultural change, from installation to seeing benefits that would make us understand and trust the software – and they were accurate! We liked the close links with Asta: it got to know our business model and how we operate, and tailored the training for our business.”

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