Denbighshire County Council’s ICT can provide more for less with the Asta Powerproject Suite

Denbighshire County Council ICT department started to use the Asta Powerproject suite a few years ago following the announcement of a number of budget cuts that would necessitate a reduction in people resources. A busy department managing about 60 live projects at a time (and a pipeline that was always full), the ICT department soon recognised that a more professional approach to resource planning and management would be essential to face the challenge of providing “more for less.” Like many other organisations it was using basic, disparate project management systems and spreadsheets that were not interconnected and could not provide a whole view of all projects, the true workload and the ability to future plan. The department implemented the Asta Powerproject suite to help maximise the available resource that was stretched across a growing number of projects.

Transformation of services is key to cost effciencies

Robert Douglass is Systems Project Manager for the Business Solutions department within ICT. He helps coordinate the transformation of service delivery throughout the Authority and maintaining best practice implementation throughout the department.

“The role of Business Solutions is important to the Authority,” said Robert. “Computer systems can make services more efficient, and efficiency can make resource and cost savings. The Asta Powerproject suite helps us manage transformation-based projects.”
Robert Douglass, Systems Project Manager

One example where Asta Powerproject was used to deliver a project that transformed the service and significantly reduced the resource required was the setting up of a Proforma invoice system. The function had been paper-based for many years and had become very timeconsuming. The Proforma invoices would be sent to a department whose responsibility it was to type up the invoices and process them.

“Business Solutions developed a webbased system to automate the invoicing process, which freed up resource to be deployed more effectively elsewhere,” explained Robert. “This project was quite complex and Asta Powerproject helped us to manage each stage of development, from design to delivery. It is particularly good at managing highly structured projects.”

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