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The pressure to complete projects faster and cheaper will always be there. However, we can make the task of accelerating a schedule to meet owner or contractually-driven requirements less difficult and time consuming.

Deltek Acumen 360 helps make smart acceleration a reality.

  • A powerful engine to generate scenarios in minutes and keep projects moving forward
  • Tools to run “What-If” analysis over and over again
  • Defendable results with data-backed information
  • Complete customisation, including acceleration rates and compression order


Add or reduce duration on a single activity, groups of activities, an entire WBS (work breakdown structure), or the entire project schedule interactively, in real time.

With one click, you can run an automatic simulation that determines the earliest finish date possible while still accounting for your acceleration criteria.

Only you know where acceleration is feasible within a project. Acumen 360 uses your knowledge of the schedule to target areas for acceleration and reduce durations.



Accurately forecasting cost, completion and revenue all hinges on a solid, reliable project schedule. Fuse produces clear and concise reports so analysis and performance can easily be reported to contractors along with to-do lists of any needed improvements.

Fuse reporting is designed to be hierarchical so that it accommodates planners, schedulers and executive’s needs. You can drill down, slicing and dicing through multiple levels (Work Breakdown) or by any other code or user field to quickly pinpoint potential issues with your schedule. Conversely, summarise detailed results and publish to project dashboards, executive briefings and PowerPoint presentations, all at the click of a button.

Acumen Fuse delivers competitive advantages:

  • Fuse is implemented and enforced with ease
  • Software seamlessly integrates to import numerous types of project data for immediate analysis
  • Fuse customers report time-savings over manual processes
  • Required and/or recommended oversight standards are built in
  • Fuse offers unrivalled reporting flexibility, tailored to fit your audience and information



Get diagnostics and in-depth insight for thousands of activities, across projects and platforms, for a clear view of your entire program.


Create schedules that give you a better score against best industry practices. The Fuse schedule cleanser removes constraints and redundancies to save money.


Fuse provides the analysis and benchmarking necessary to comply with government and industry standards.

See the big picture       Upgrade your Scheduling       Comply with Gov't Standards

Aerial Alignments

Trimble Quantm Software helps you plan a new rail, road or highway project more rapidly with lower construction costs. Beginning with your vision and ending with a viable infrastructure product, Trimble supports you with the most advanced alignment planning solutions in the industry.

Trimble Quantm Software makes it easier to...

  • Consider all feasible alternatives to help make the best decisions
  • Plan for sustainability with better environmental and public outcomes
  • Invest in a better future by reducing capital and operating expenses

Quantm Benefits

From Vision to Viability

Trimble Quantm Alignment Planning solutions support road and rail planners and engineers through the complex process of selecting and generating 3D corridors and alignments. Quantm's unique route optimization technology generates millions of alternative alignments and returns a range of 10-50 of the best options for review by various stakeholders. Trimble Quantm solutions enable planners and engineers to reduce project planning time, substantially lower alignment construction costs, and deliver improved alignments that meet environmental, heritage, urban constraints, and design standards set by each project.

Trimble Quantm Alignment Planning solutions benefit the whole project team...

Project Owners

  • Make better decisions by considering all viable alternatives
  • Ensure the highest probability of successful, on-time project completion
  • Quickly assess socio-economic factors and compare
    investment alternatives
  • Reduce initial costs with faster planning
  • Improve public opinion through a demonstrated consideration of public input


  • Plan faster and investigate more alternatives for improved client satisfaction
  • Win more projects by providing a better, differentiated service
  • Reduce costs of detailed data acquisition for
    corridor identification
  • Document change management and create decision audit trails
  • Automate identification of affected land owners for each alternative
  • Manage the public consultation process more easily and demonstrate compliance with the legislated planning process
  • Improve collaboration by allowing the GIS, geotechnical and design groups to integrate their data into a single planning tool


  • Create quantitative data for pre-bid analysis
  • Analyze construction alternatives to increase profitability
  • Value engineer the designed alignment to minimize structure
    and earthwork costs
  • Quickly undertake analysis of construction options for
    unsolicited bids and proposals


  • Reduce financial risk with better cost information
  • Understand project viability for better decision-making
  • Reduce financial exposure by completing projects more quickly
  • Produce more accurate early stage estimates of
    cash flow requirements
  • Minimize budget impacts with the ability to quickly forecast
    total project costs more accurately

Project, Portfolio and Resource Management Software..

Asta Powerproject Enterprise is a proven, scalable solution for managing people, time and money across multiple projects and programmes which facilitates collaboration between multiple users viewing real-time information.
Read why people choose Asta Powerproject Enterprise

Asta Powerproject is one of the world’s leading project management software solutions for construction. It is the preferred software of over 100,000 construction professionals throughout the world because it combines easy-to-use functionality with powerful, feature-rich, capability.

Our solutions are used to plan and manage all stages of construction projects

Delivering complex projects needs the right tools, but although your projects may be complex, your software does
not have to be complicated. Construction professionals across the world find our software easy to use, yet scalable and powerful.

With our Enterprise solution you can: