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As simple or as extensive as you need

Sometimes customers ask us whether we can help them adapt their Asta Powerproject system in order to meet the changing needs of their business.  These requests range from creating new management reports and customised project ‘views’, right through to more complex requirements such as integrating Asta Powerproject with their ERP system or creating a 4D Building Information Modelling solution.

In virtually all cases, the answer from Asta is ‘yes’.

Asta Powerproject Spain has a Spain-based team of project management software consultants who have experience helping customers in many different industries adapt and customise their Asta Powerproject solution.  Consultancy assignments can be as short as half a day – for example writing a macro to automate a repeated process – or as long as several months for a major organisation wishing to change its project delivery processes and associated management information reporting.  Powerproject Spain has strong consultancy skills and, where necessary, will draw on the UK-based team for expert assistance.

“For advance planning, recording timesheet data and summarising detailed schedules, forecasts and overviews, I believe we could not manage without Asta.”
Rebecca Mitton, Project Manager, Canon Europe Ltd

Examples of consultancy services

IT services provider: Integrated Asta Powerproject with Microsoft Outlook in order to provide development teams with task updates in Outlook. 

Major contractor: Created an interface between Asta Powerproject and the company’s ERP system, SAP in order to centralise the reporting of progress and cost over time on a massive water infrastructure programme.

Small business: Created customised project ‘views’ to show exactly how resources were being used across a portfolio of projects.  This helped the company get the right balance between full-time staff and freelance contractors.

Integration capabilities

Project information, on its own, is useful.  But when it is integrated with other key business systems, management decision-making becomes more robust and grounded in reality.  Asta is passionate about helping organisations – both large and small – see the ‘bigger picture’ and gain competitive advantage through better use of project-related information.  Whether your need is simply to export data to Excel, or you want to create a project extranet for management reporting, Asta has the skills and experience to help you achieve your goals.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for consultancy support please contact us.