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Find out whether Asta Powerproject has the functionality you need. Our FREE demos provide a quick and easy way to find out how the software will benefit your project management efficiency. Request the most appropriate demo for your requirements.


Asta Powerproject - The power behing successful projects

This webinar is a live software presentation which gives a concise tour of the main features:

  • Task & link creation and reschedule
  • Structuring plans
  • Annotating & printing plans
  • Rapid plan creation from fragments
  • Resources, graphs & levelling
  • Costs & cashflow
  • And finally, but not least, baselines, progress and project control

The session will also touch on progress updating via Smart-Phones/Pads and 4D planning with BIM. See how this construction-focused product, with masses of functionality, even though it’s so easy-to-use, can save you time and money. If you need to improve your project management efficiency and accountability, this session will be time well spent.

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Asta Powerproject Enterprise – An application for collaborative working

Asta Powerproject Enterprise is an evolution of the well-known Asta Powerproject software; adding a central database that holds all project information and allowing multiple users to work collaboratively across project files. With real-time information and a shared licensing model that makes it more affordable, Asta Powerproject Enterprise delivers:

  1. Centralised storage of projects for optimum efficiency
  2. Multi-user access to allow different users to work on the same project plan at the same time
  3. Management of resources and costs across a project portfolio
  4. Visibility of automated reports on key performance indicators

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How Asta Powerproject excels in a multi-user, multi-project, environment

If you are looking for enterprise project management software with a high level of functionality coupled with real ease-of-use, this online demo will show you how well Asta Powerproject fits the bill. Key features include:

  • Management of multiple projects within one system
  • Real-time, multi-user access for complete collaboration
  • Powerful resource management tools to optimise your workforce
  • Web-based reporting tools for increased visibility

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Asta Powerproject Enterprise for Construction

Asta Powerproject Enterprise is ideal for any construction project where a number of people need to access and update a central plan. It gives organisation-wide visibility over all project-related data. If you’re using Asta Powerproject as a standalone solution then find out more about what you can gain by using Enterprise. Tune in to our online demo to find out more.

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Why Construction Project Managers choose Asta Powerproject

If you are currently using Microsoft Project or similar generic software to manage your construction projects you will be impressed by the construction-friendly functionality which Asta Powerproject provides and which can save you time and money. If you need to improve your project management efficiency and accountability, this demo will be time well spent.

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Bidcon – the modern approach to cost estimations

Bidcon enables you to increase your efficiency by cutting time and lowering risks, allowing you to quote more accurately and for more work. This webinar will give an overview of Bidcon, including how you can:

  • Populate Bidcon manually or use existing BIM data to create quotes, reports and project plans in Asta Powerproject
  • Reuse existing estimations or templates, import files (BoQs, Excel spreadsheets or IFC models) to structure and populate your cost plan quickly and securely
  • Review your costs, confirm their accuracy and manage subcontractors and procurement efficiently by using the built in summaries

Use Bidcon as it is, or customise according to corporate or personal preference.

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An introduction to Asta Powerproject BIM

Asta Powerproject BIM is a 4D enabled application that links your project plan and model together. This short online session will demonstrate how this works in practice. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can quickly create your project plan directly from your IFC model file, compare planned and actual schedule plans, manage large projects with the ability to save snapshot positions, as well as much more.

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4D Project Simulation Basics

4D simulations (BIM) are developing rapidly in our industry and giving us new tools to visualise and manage our projects. This webinar will give you a taste of what is possible with 4D and get you started in using 4D technology to manage your project.

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Site-to-office reporting via Site Progress Mobile for Asta Powerproject

Site Progress Mobile for Asta Powerproject is downloadable app for Android and iOS operating platforms allows easy site-to-office project progress reporting via your mobile devices.

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Dealing and Presenting Delays on Projects

Up to two thirds of all construction projects are delayed to some extent. In order to substantiate extension of time claims it is necessary for delays to be documented correctly within the programme. This webinar looks at how to deal with and present delays on your project.

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ASTA Powerproject Free Webinars
(Enterprise Project Portfolio and Resource Management Solution)

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A05 Managing Resources, Effective Resource Modelling and Planning in Asta Powerproject

A06 Managing Risk by Proactively Identifying Problems and What If Scenarios in Asta Powerproject

A07 An Introduction to Asta Powerproject BIM